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Lights and Mirrors

     1. No Escaping Beauty

     2. Photons

For Two Pianos, 4 Hands

Total Length- 6:30 Minutes

Program Notes-

Before I wrote this piece, I decided to visit Fairgrounds St. Pete, an “immersive art experience.”

Many of the rooms were unique and creative but the room that inspired me the most was the room full of “Lights and Mirrors.” Basically, it was a small room but when surrounded by some neon lamps, and mirrors on all four sides, the room felt massive and all-consuming. I stood there and just thought about the surroundings impacted me, then those emotions were translated into music. The first movement is dedicated to the mood and setting that I thought the room created while the second movement is about the actual photons of light and how the movement of photons reveal a greater image.

Lights and Mirrors

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