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Three Emotions for Brass Quintet

     1. Jubilation

     2. Frustration

     3. Affirmation

C Trumpet 1 and 2, Horn in F, Trombone, and Tuba

Total Length- 10:30 Minutes

Program Notes-

Three Emotions for Brass Quintet is comprised of three musical vignettes about Jubilation, Frustration, Affirmation. The reason I focused on these emotions was because of how drastic these

mood swings can be in our daily life. As a creative artist, there are days and moments where all of my ideas are clear and sound great where I feel great jubilation. Other days though I am frustrated at my lack of progress or skill. Affirmation is the way that I try to balance myself between the highs and lows, by granting myself grace, patience, and humility despite whatever storm or triumph is happening around me. I hope thought that this piece of music is not just for me but can help the listener/performer in finding their own inner peace and happiness amongst this relentless world.

Three Emotions for Brass Quintet (Score and Parts)

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